Attention ! Achtung ! Atención ! Uwaga!

1 Aug

Attention ! Achtung ! Atención ! Uwaga!     Scotty's Place's photo.

I have just discovered That if any of my true Blue Followers only read my recipes on ONLY their EMAIL…….They may be missing some of the best parts!

Please click to The Facebook site or click to Kristoscooks……

To enjoy the full Banquet of Sights , { Sounds } and delectable , delicious , scrumptious, recipes that some have said ,
“Would Make Julia Child want to cook with this Guy ! ”

Really! I have too heard people say that !

Or was it , “she should throw a right hook and give him a
black eye! ”

Whichever , tune in to Facebook or Kristoscooks to get the full Story.
Thanks for being a fan .
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One Response to “Attention ! Achtung ! Atención ! Uwaga!”

  1. Julia aka your niece Jackie August 1, 2016 at 11:50 pm #

    And see? I was one who only reads on email. So where do I need to look to get the full affect? Facebook?

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