Chakhokhbili (Georgian Chicken Stew with Herbs and Tomatoes)

25 Jun





Okay,, So this dish is from Georgia  .

No not that Georgia     gd3



This Georgia




gd2         This is the land


This is the traditional dress of the people


Georgians have been around for a long time.

” How long ? ” ,  You ask ?

According to traditional Georgian accounts, Georgians are descendants of Thargamos, the great-grandson of Japhet, son of the Biblical Noah. The ancient name of Georgia was Colchis, which was associated for centuries with the Greek myth of Jason and his 50 Argonauts, who sailed from Greece to Colchis to capture the Golden Fleece

Chakhokhbili is a lot easier to make than it is to pronounce. (The “kh” sounds like the “h” in a Russian-accented “hello,” or the “ch” in the German “ich.”) While you can certainly find this dish on restaurant menus in Georgia,  it is equally likely to show up on weeknight dinner tables at home because it comes together quickly and is the kind of thing you can make a big batch of and then easily reheat the leftovers for another meal  .

The dish’s name comes from the Georgian word for pheasant (khokhobi), and if you happen to have a pheasant on hand, you can substitute it for the chicken in this  recipe.

You could also use turkey, duck, or Cornish game hen. In Georgia today, chicken is the most common bird used for this recipe.



2 .5 lb. chicken breasts – cubed

3 large white onions

3 large tomatoes or 1 large can or 1 dozen cherries tomatoes

tomatoe A word about tomatoes :

It’s a dog-gone shame that I am not able to buy good tasting tomatoes anymore.

Most of everything at the grocery store just tastes  RED .

You can grow your own or go to the local farmers market.

So , to still get the best taste for you recipes here are a few tips.

Cherry tomatoes   tom2 always taste like tomatoes.

 I don’t  know why and I don’t ask. 

Here is  cool way to slice them     How to Cut Tomatoes Like a Ninja – Cooking Hack – YouTube 

The other thing you can do if you don’t need the texture/ mouth feel , is to use canned WHOLE  TOMATOES


Not diced , or pettit  or stewed,  or crushed ,  —– WHOLE. —- And Hunts are the best.

Some will call for and say that San Marzano tomatoes are the best.

They cost twice as much and I cannot tell the difference.  Hunts was voted the best American canned tomato and I agree.



1/2 a handful or so  of chopped cilantro

1/2 a handful or so  of chopped Flat Italian parsley ( it has the best flavor )

The leaves from 2 sprigs of tarragon


1 sweet green  pepper  – minced

3 Tbsp white vinegar

6 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

5 bay leaves

4 cloves garlic – smashed andminced

1 Tsp red pepper


In a heavy pot add chicken bay leaves white vinegar and 1/4 cup water and boil until water disappears . Stirring occasionally.

Add oil and onions and fry until onions start to brown.


Add tomatoes garlic and cook for 7 minutes


Add cilantro ,  parsley ,  tarragon ,  green pepper red pepper and a little salt

Stir and turn off the heat , let sit 10 min for flavors to develop.


Remove bay leaves and serve hot. Garnish  with some extra coriander.









2 Responses to “Chakhokhbili (Georgian Chicken Stew with Herbs and Tomatoes)”

  1. cheryl June 26, 2016 at 1:35 am #

    looks good I have chicken defrosting. So if you use cherry tomatoes from my garden or canned. How much?

    • kristoscooks July 2, 2016 at 3:57 pm #

      I large can of tomatoes or 1 dozen cherrie tomatoes . Can’t believe I left that out
      oops !

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