30 Dec

Stocking stuffer



(  Par-mah-gee-ah-noe Rej-ee-ah-noe  )


Parmesan – a rich , round flavor and the ability to melt with the heat and become inseparable from the ingredients to which it is joined – are vested in a cheese that has no rivals.

The name is stringently protected by law.

The only cheese that may bear it is produced by a process unchanged in 700 years – from the partly skimmed milk of cows raised in precisely circumscribed territory within the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia in the region of Emilia-Romagna. ( that’s in Italy , y’all )




Using a   totally natural process  –  nothing is added to the milk, but rennet ,

????????? What is RENNET ???????????

Traditional animal rennet is an enzyme derived from the stomachs of calves, lambs or goats before they consume anything but milk.  It is about 90% pure chymosin


Then A long aging of eighteen months ; the flora and the microorganisms that are specific to the pastureland of the production zone  –  are  all contributors to  the taste of Parmigiano-Reggiano and to the way it preforms in cooking, qualities no other cheese can claim in the same measure.


If you have a choice do not buy a precut wedge of   Parmigiano-Reggiano  ask  to have it cut from a wheel . 

Its going to cost alittle more but it more than worth it. It will make your recipes sing





To  protect the cheese’s special qualities you must keep it from drying out or  it will become sharp and coarse.

The more it is cut up the more moisture it loses .Only grate it when you are ready to use it



When you buy  it should a dewy, pale amber color , uniform throughout , with out any white patches. Ask to taste it, It should dissolve creamily in the mouth, it’s flavor nutty and mildly salty , never sharp harsh , or pungent.


TO keep the cheese fresh ,  it should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and kept in the refrigerator. you don’t want any AIR to get at it as it will dry out.


2 Responses to “PARMESAN CHEESE”

  1. Dave December 30, 2015 at 6:52 pm #

    But can you use it on pizza and turn the piece of pizza upside down without any of the ingredients falling off?

  2. kristoscooks January 2, 2016 at 9:47 am #

    Well yes you can … IF …… it’s good pizza….

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