11 Dec

   and SOOOO Delicious !!!!!!!
Beef and salt …….. yeah ,    That’s it ….. Can’t get to much simpler than that !
And    NO .. It’s not going to be  salty.  (Yes ,I was ascared the first time I made it )
 The salt crust seals in all the juices and it will be the best beef roast you have ever had !
 Serves 10 normal people
       0r   8 big people
             or 6 really hungry people
                 but    only  4  REALLY BIG ,   REALLY  HUNGRY ,   PEOPLE .
  • 1 (3 lb) box of Morton kosher salt – ( or 3  (1 LB ) boxes  )
    Make sure you buy KOSHER SALT  !   Not rock salt .  Your not melting ice on the driveway,
    and not table salt either , it  is too fine.



  • 4 -6 lbs prime rib roast  or eye of round , or other beef roast .
  • Beef roast must weigh at least 4 lb or the roast will finish cooking before the salt has time to crust up



Meat thermometer

These are really slick and not very expensive (  $17.00 at Lowes — shop around )


  1. In  a large bowl ,   slowly add a little of the water to the Kosher salt and stir ;    then add a little more water and stir.
    You want it be alittle more than slush  —–  like perfect packing snow — you know ……like when you pack snow to make a snowman.

(Sometimes you may need a little more or less of the water) — YOU DO NOT WANT TO DISSOLVE THE SALT.

Pat some of the salt mixture (  about 1/2 ” thick  ) in a foil-lined pan ,  in a rectangle big enough to put the roast on.

(Mr.  FOIL     is our friend ,  especially at Christmas.  Makes  clean up a breeze )

Pat roast dry

Place the roast on the salt and pat the remaining salt mixture  on the  roast, covering completely..

Insert meat thermometer ( or if yours isn’t oven proof   —  poke a hole in the salt so you can check the temperature )

Bake at 425″ for about 2 hours

16-18 min per pound for rare –  140′
20-22 for medium –   160′
No !!!      No !!!!    No !!!   You are not going to cook it until it’s well done ,  because Well Done  is a fancy  FRENCH WORD  word  for
Remove roast when it registers 5 degrees Below desired doneness
Let sit 10 min,
Crack open with a hammer ( Yes you are going to need one , its almost as hard a s a flowerpot )
Whisk away remaining salt crystals with a pastry  brush.
Eat and Enjoy !.
If  you gotta invite  Uncle Herb  over.    I guess you can set a place for him like this :
1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup grated onion
1tsp salt
1 tsp basil
1/2 tsp marjoram
1/2 tsp thyme
1/4 pepper
Mix together and rub all over Let marinate 2 hours or overnight .
I have to say again , you are NOT GOING TO NEED ANY EXTRA FLAVORING !

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