27 Jul

Who came up with this ???????????

No, it wasn’t invented by Ty Cobb the Baseball Great       

or Mr. CORN COB     ……AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is were this comes from ,

from Aurthur Schwartz of the food maven

“One night in 1937, Bob Cobb, then owner of The Brown Derby, prowled hungrily in his restaurant’s kitchen for a snack. Opening the huge refrigerator, he pulled out this and that: a head of lettuce, an avocado, some romaine, watercress, tomatoes, some cold breast of chicken, a hard-boiled egg, chives, cheese and some old-fashioned French dressing. He started chopping. Added some crisp bacon — swiped from a busy chef.

“The Cobb salad was born. It was so good, Sid Grauman (Grauman’s Chinese Theatre), who was with Cobb that midnight, asked the next day for a ‘Cobb Salad.’ It was so good that it was put on the menu.

“Cobb’s midnight invention became an overnight sensation with Derby customers, people like movie mogul Jack Warner, who regularly dispatched his chauffeur to pick up a carton of the mouth-watering salad.”

Since 1937, more than 4 million Cobb salads have been sold at Brown Derby restaurants, according to the Brown Derby Restaurant Group, which, now that the two original Hollywood restaurants have closed, is what the company calls itself. It licenses the restaurant name for merchandise (including bottled Cobb salad dressing), as well as to Disney, which opened a reproduction of the original Brown Derby in Orlando, Florida, in 1989 and, in 1990. signed a 20-year agreement for Brown Derby restaurants in Tokyo, Paris and Anaheim, California. You can read all about The Brown Derby and its glamorous customers in The Brown Derby Restaurant: A Hollywood Legend, which includes many of the Derby’s recipes.

Footnote: There’s also a legend about how the Brown Derby got its name: One night, Herbert Somborn, an ex-husband of Gloria Swanson, remarked — speaking of the mood of Hollywood in the roaring 20s — that “You could open a restaurant in an alley and call it anything. If the food and service were good, the patrons would just come flocking. It could be called something as ridiculous as the Brown Derby.” Hence, a restaurant shaped like a hat opened near Hollywood and Vine

So moving right along

I got this from DAMNDELICIOUS  .  It ‘s pretty quick for a week night  , fills you up , and it’s pretty doggone healthy.

Yes you are going to love the dressing

4 slices of bacon – diced

2 boneless chicken breasts – cubed

3 TBSP  your favorite bbq sauce

2 large eggs – hard-boiled

6 cups romaine lettuce

1 cup cherry tomatoes  – cut in half

1 avocado , halved, seeded , peeled,  diced

1 cup frozen corn kernels

1 cup black beans rinsed

BUTTERMILK DRESSING ( do not turn your nose up I don’t like butter milk but I love this dressing )

1/2 cup buttermilk ( freeze the rest for another recipe )

1/4 cup Greek yogurt

1/4 cup sour cream

1 TSP dried dill

1 TBSP fresh minced parsley

1/2 TSP garlic powder

salt and pepper

So to make the dressing , Whisk the buttermilk , yogurt, sour cream , dill , parsley , garlic powder salt and pepper in a small bowl ans set aside

heat a fry pan, add bacon and fry until crispy transfer to paper towel

In the same pan ( and  bacon grease ) fry the corn until just a little browned. Remove to paper towel

In the same pan , add alittle olive oil . Salt and pepper chicken breasts and cook in oil until done 4 min. per side .

Let cool and the cut into bite size pieces. Toss in a bowl with 3 TBS bbq sauce

Place eggs in a sauce pan cover by 1 ” with water. Bring to a boil cook for 1 min.Cover with lid and turn off heat . Let sit for ten min. Drain the let cold water run over eggs in pan for 1 min. Peel and dice

To assemble,  put romaine lettuce down middle of plate then make rows of all the ingredients just like in the picture.

Pour dressing down the middle

Eat and Enjoy !



  1. David Scott July 28, 2015 at 6:27 pm #

    Sounds fabulous. Make sure you get it on your Scotty’s place facebook page too!

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