20 Oct

Frankfurters   ( that’s Hotdogs  for those of you that didn’t know )

Medium Cheddar cheese



Hot dog buns



Treated as described in the following lines , the humble Frankfurter rises majestically to temp even  the most blasé palate.   Be sure to buy husky Franks , zestful virile critters crammed with red meat and not rendered anaemic by cereal stuffing .

With a sharp knife make a lengthwise incision about half way through your Frankfurters and  press from both ends to make the gaping wound grin at you.

Cut medium sharp Cheddar cheese into strips about 1/4 ” square Cheese that has a slight sclerosis due to age is better than fresh , which is too lithe and limber.

Insert a strip of cheese into the ” Frank ”  and poke it down deeply.

Skewer a strip of bacon to the end of the ” Frank ”  with a tooth pick and spiral – wind the bacon around. Add further strips of bacon , Skewering each religiously until the  “Frank ”  is thoroughly covered, and the toothpicks make him look like a somewhat bald porcupine. Do not break off the toothpicks

In the mean time , you’ve started the broiler and when it’s hot  — say about 350′ — lay your  overcoated Franks  on a foil lined cookie sheet and slide it under the broiler.

Lay them cheese side down, but close to the flame for a minute or two  , until  the cheese sputters and almost starts to run.

Turn the ” Franks ” over , retard the heat ( if you have that kind of broiler )   and / or   lower oven rack to about 6 ” from the flame.

About every 5 min. open the oven door and watch carefully to prevent the cheese from running out of the ” Franks ”

About 10 – 15 minute are required to achieve a rich henna – brown color and to char the ends of the toothpicks,

Split wieners buns , and butter sparsely , and pop one of the sizzling , hot , sputtering wieners into the bun.

Pull out the toothpicks , hold onto your hats , and we’re off to as deluscious a feast as ever Hebe put before the Olympians.


Eat and Enjoy  !


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