15 Feb
Okay, Just got a taste for this and I gotta make it. It’s pretty simple and you can use it for use it in a tortilla if you throw a little more  cornmeal
olive oil – extra virgin  that is the only kind you should have
3 lb  pork shoulder – cubed into bite size pieces .   HERE is a note  for you.   DO NOT BUY A PACKAGE OF STEW MEAT  – you don’t know what you’re getting,   buy a whole piece of meat and cut it up yourself .  This way you know exactly what you have and you can control the amount of fat you want in the dish.   This goes for beef and also ground turkey.
With the turkey buy a breast and have the butcher grind it for you or mince it up yourself
Enough school back to the chili
3 onions   sliced thin
1 bottle real beer – you favorite –  NOT LITE WHATEVER
4 CLOVES  – smashed and minced
1 TBSP Mexican oregano – Yes,  it make all the difference
1 TBSP ground cumin
1 TBSP Coriander
10 tomatillos – chopped  – that’s the green tomatoes with the paper like skin on them, take the paper off
4 Pablano peppers and 1 Jalapeno Pepper   – charred on the gas stove or under the broiler, put in a paper bag for ten min.  remove skin ,  seed and chop
1 TBSP honey
4 cups chicken stock – homemade or COLLEGE INN
1 can pinto beans – rinsed
1 can cannelloni beans – rinsed
3 TBSP cornmeal or Masa
Queso Fresco    you’re gonna like this
Heat a little  oil in a dutch oven until almost smoking hot.  Brown the pork in a couple of three batches, DO not over crowd. and Brown them not gray or slightly golden
Remove pork and turn down heat to Med. add onions and garlic and saute for 2 min.
Add peppers , saute for 2 more min
Add tomatillos , cook 2 min
Add rest of spices,  couple grinds of pepper   and cook for 2 more min.
Add everything else) along with pork .  Turn to low. Simmer for 2 1/2 hour.
Stir in 1 handful chopped Cilantro and 3 TBSP cornmeal or Masa
Alittle salt
Cook 1/2 hour to thicken
.Ladle into bowels,  sprinkle with Queso Fresco
Eat and Enjoy !
Pass this Blog to all your friends .      They will like you even more ……REEALLY they will !

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