25 Jan




Okay , so this is      RRREEEAALLY GOOOOOOOOOOD  !!!!!!!
( CLUE: I don’t give this rating  very often  )

SO,  this translates as       Puttana   –  prostitute    –    PROSTITUTE  SAUCE and SPAGHETTI

The  story goes,  that it was invented in      NAPLES  , and it was made to temp the men into the bordello,   from  off the street, …..    or that it was made to serve the men to give them energy while they were waiting their turn ,   ……     or that it was made by married women to limit their time in the kitchen so that they could be with their paramour…….

Which ever it was….. It is quick and easy and  really good……… also good over chicken breasts

( Maybe I should have waited for Valentine’s Day to share this  )



1/2 lb spaghetti –  always buy the good stuff – make sure it is Italian

3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3 tomatoes – chopped

1  28  oz can San Marzano  tomatoes

1 big garlic clove – Godfather thin or microplane

1/4 cup capers – drained  and rinsed

3/4 cup imported black olives – pitted and chopped – I got mine at the deli,   guess you could use the canned ones

3.2 jar anchovy fillets – because that was the size of the jar that I got –  get the good ones from Italy in olive oil, drain, rinse, chop.

1/2 cup light tomato sauce

1/4 cup chopped flat parsley – chopped

1 tsp basil

1 tsp oregano

Parmesan cheese

Okay , a little prep work to make this go easier,

( 1 )    This is a light tomato sauce ,  takes just a minute  to make and you will be able to use the freeze the rest and use it on something else later.

1/2 can of San Marzano  tomatoes – pureed or just mushed up real good with a spoon

3 cloves  garlic   –   slice   Godfather style thin  or use a microplane grater

6 tbsp olive oil

pinch red pepper flakes

s & p

Fry  the garlic in 4 tsp oil for a moment

add pinch red pepper flakes

Add tomato puree

Bring to boil and cook a few minutes until it thickens just a little,    grind of pepper and a pinch of salt

( 2 ) Put chopped tomatoes in a bowl with 1/2 San Marzano tomatoes mush up with a fork or spoon

add garlic and pinch red pepper flakes,  mush up a little

( 3 )  Into another bowl add capers and anchovy  and olives

Cook spaghetti in  salted boiling water – about 1 tsp

While pasta is cooking heat a  frying pan smoking hot  ( do you all have your cast iron fry pan yet?)

Add oil,  followed immediately by tomatoes,   garlic,    pinch pepper flakes]

Fry for a few minutes until tomatoes start to soften and garlic starts to turn golden.

Add capers,   olives,   anchovy   and reduce heat to medium  –  cook for 1 min.

Add tomato sauce,    basil,      oregano,      parsley,      mix well and turn off heat

Drain pasta         DO NOT RINSE

Plate and pour sauce over top .     Some Italian bread and a glass of Chianti will finish this   just perfectly.

Maybe a little fresh grated Parmesan cheese

If you have some Italian music playing in the background     …    You will be in Italy!

Eat and Enjoy!


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