23 Feb

Yeah, well I got this out of the paper for Valentines day . It’s red and white and pink and it’s suppose to be romantic and evoke warm feelings of passion and love…….yeah, …. and the other person has to like it,….. which is probably an important part of the recipe.
But hey, it’s quick and easy and I thought some of you would like it

1/2 lb rigatoni
1 pint cheery tomatoes – cut in 1/2
1 onion – diced
extra virgin olive oil
Italian seasoning
1 cup ricotta cheese
1/4 cup fresh basil – chopped
Balsamic vinegar parmesan cheeses

Cook rigatoni according to instructions on the box
Place tomatoes and onion on a cookie sheet and sprinkle with Italian seasoning oil salt and fresh ground pepper
Put under broiler for 5 min until onions are golden
Drain pasta save water – DO NOT EVER RINSE PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Add 1 tbsp water to 1 cup ricotta cheese until you have a nice creamy sauce
Toss pasta and sauce, add tomatoes onion mixture and basil
Add 1 tbsp vinegar and plate.

Alittle freshly shredded parmesan is always good and some garlic bread too.
Also a little Italian Chianti would be nice

Eat and enjoy!


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