8 Jan

I just tried this from the paleo web site . It is SSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good unbelievable how rich this is

24 oz med cremini mushrooms – or any other stuffing size mushrooms
2 tbsp ghee or butter
8 oz frozen shrimp
1/4 cup onion diced
2 bacon slices – diced
1 tbsp jalapeno – minced
1 tsp fish sauce
panko crumbs
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
Pre heat oven 450′
clean mushrooms and remove stems
Place mushrooms gill side down on foil lined cookie sheet (foil is our friend)
brush with gee or butter
bake 12 min  ( keep an eye on it , you don’t want these to burn )
flip over roast 5 to 10 min until liquid is gone
fry bacon until just crisp
chop shrimp and add rest of ingredients, plus bacon grease
mush mush mush until you form a paste
scoop and fill mushrooms
sprinkle with panko crumbs
put back in oven 8 to 10 min until paste is set

If  this is an appetizer only eat 2 or 3 because you won’t be able to eat the main meal

Eat and Enjoy!


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