Dats a spicey meat – a – ball

30 Oct


Ok, so we tried a meatball recipe that was on COOKS COUNTRY.    They turn out good most of the time. Not so much on this one.      It tasted like HAMBURGER in sauce   .That’s  how most of the recipes   that I’ve tried turn out.    Even the ones that are great AND GRAMMA BROUGHT OVER FROM THE  OLD COUNTRY.

The reason for this is:

  1. I think way back when,    there wasn’t alot of meat to go around, So you only got a little beef in the stew or maybe killed ONE chicken on Sunday and Mom had to stretch it for the whole family.
  2. Thats how it started and the 1 or 2 generations later with everyone eating Gamma’s  and Mom’s recipe every Sunday with the whole family ,  it became great,,    and also a tradition.

just my 2 cents

This had 1/2 hamburger, 1/2 italian sausage , eggs italian bread crumbs and a little cream and mozzarella cheese

So if any one has a      dats a spicy meat – a –  ball  ( remember the commercial) recipe they want to share send it in



Up Date  ::

So having said all that at an earlier date ,    I….. Have the perfect Meatball recipe.

No I did not come up with it myself.    It is from JOE. the Italian plumber friend of my  – who got it from his grandmother   NONNA.

He said he was happy to share it with me so that people would know what a REAL meatball was suppose to taste like.    I have to agree.     After eating Round Hamburger balls in red  sauce for my whole life  , these are REALLY GOOD !!!

1 lb. ground chuck

1 lb. ground round

1 /4 cup bread crumbs ( made from Italian bread – home-made if you can )

1 TBSP oregano

1 TBSP basil 1 TSP salt 1 TSP pepper

dash worcestershire  sauce( my add in )

3 Garlic cloves – smashed and minced

Garlic powder – alittle bit

Handful minced Italian flat parsley

Romano cheese – grated

Parmesan Cheese

So there is no amount on some of these ingredients and the ones thatare     – are sorta kinda .. you gotta just see.

That’s how his NONNA explained to him  ,  and that’s how he  told it me.

Of course he was able to be in the kitchen with his grandmother growing up so his  are a lot closer to the real thing than mine

BUT ….

These came out really good.

Mix every thing together.

I used about 1/4 cup fresh grated Romano and Parmesan cheese…….  maybe a little more …. eh?

(NOTE : This is really the only way to have cheese . Buy a wedge and grate it with a micro planer { also good for lime ,lemon, orange ZEST }

each time you need cheese.

The pre grated cheese has got some weird chemical stuff on it so that it doesn’t stick to ether and it costs more and it ‘s just not as good…. THERE!)

” These will be cooked in the oven as only all meatballs should ”   quote from Joe and his GRAMMA.

Pre heat oven to 400’ middle rack

make the meatballs about the size of a golf ball

Put on a parchment lined cookie sheet ( not foil — it makes a difference )

about an inch apart cook for 20 min.

Use as you see fit in  pasta sauce , sandwich. spaghetti or just in a bowl with a little  sauce

Eat and Enjoy !


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