NOODLES — Mee Hoon

20 Jul




This is a pretty good noodle recipe.  MEE HOON

Rice vermicelli are a thin form of rice noodles .   vr

They are sometimes referred to as rice noodles, rice sticks,[, (  but they should not be confused with cellophane noodles )  ,

which are an Asian type of vermicelli made from

mung bean  mb starch rather than rice.



I’ve changed a couple of things but this could be a whole meal.


1 big handful –      ( I could give you the Chinese exact measurement but you wouldn’t get it , unless you are conversant in Chinese )        Mee Hoon – rice vermicelli or whole wheat vermicelli. Cook according to instructions on the package.

8 oz fresh mushrooms – your choice

1/2 head of cabbage – slice as thin as you can

7 cloves garlic – chopped , minced and smashed.

3 tbsp black bean paste – available in most stores   black-bean-sauce

Yes it is too ! you just haven’t looked for it before — in the Oriental section’

2 tbsp red pepper flakes

6 green onions  – chopped into 1/2″ pieces

5 tbsp peanut oil



Heat oil in a large wok or frying pan   when hot add pepper flakes for 1 min

Add black bean paste and mushrooms fry 1 min.

Add onion and cabbage stir fry i min

At this point :  You could add some slivered Carrots or peppers ( Sweet or hot ) bean sprouts  or any thing else you might think of . Go crazy! add whatever or nothing

Add pasta and turn to coat and heat through

A few grinds of pepper and your all set.

You could add some slivered Carrots or peppers ( Sweet or hot ) bean sprouts  or any thing else you might think of . Go crazy! add whatever or nothing

This is also good cold  , so you can let it cool to room temp and then throw it in the FRIDGE .

By the way :

A similarly spelled verb, “frig,” which most dictionaries describe as vulgar slang, has more to do with heating than cooling. It means to have sexual intercourse or masturbate. (The present participle, “frigging,” is often used as an intensifier.)

How are all these frigging words pronounced?

Well, the verb “frig” rhymes with “prig,” but the nouns spelled “frig” and “fridge” both rhyme with “bridge.”

And “frigging” rhymes with “digging,” though it’s often spelled and pronounced friggin’.

The OED describes “fridge” as a colloquial abbreviation for “refrigerator,” and suggests that the “frig” spelling may have been influenced by the brand name “Frigidaire” (a play on “frigid air”).

   SO , First of all, the natural pronunciation of “fridge” matches the way the second syllable sounds in “refrigerator.”

Although “frig” is pronounced the same way as “fridge” when it means a refrigerator, the natural pronunciation of “frig” would be like that of the naughty verb mentioned above

I was curious about the spelling ……… and thought you might be too .

Eat and enjoy

Jessica wants Cantonese noodle recipe .The only one I know is to buy refrigerated Cantonese noodle at the Oriental market .

Drop into boiling water for exactly   1 MINUTE

Lightly fry in peanut oil , maybe   a little  green onion and a clove of garlic.

That’s all there is to it !

Anybody know another recipe to get pan fried noodles?




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