18 Jul


This is for  … my friend Lydia….( yes  GM  I said  Lydia  )

The best way to make lobster tail is on the grill . Especially in the summer.

Thaw Tails

Scoop out meat from shell

Add 2 tbsp melted butter to shell with a couple of dashes of lemon pepper  lp

Return meat to shell

Pour 2 tbsp melted butter on top of meat and a few dashes of lemon pepper

Place on a medium charcoal grill for 5 – 8 min. until lobster becomes opaque.

Eat and enjoy

Simple and easy

and by the way……. my 3 – year old grand-daughter is over to the house and gramma is frosting her birthday cake, so she swipes some icing and says,      ” it’s delicious !”

I say , ” that’s a pretty big word for a three-year old ”

She says, ” It’s very delicious”

I don’t even use that word

guess  I am going to have to start using this word if I am going to write an adult type blog

Delicious   ……… that’s my word for the day !


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