todays quote

29 Jun

“Never ruin a good story by sticking to th truth”

 This quote comes from a book  ” How to cook a wolf ” by MFK Fisher 1951. It’s a cook book  ( sort of) written by a woman.Which wasn’t very popular at the time , and it has some great common logic on cooking and budgets . Very entertaining.

Yeah … right…( you  thought you knew  me)   but reading a cookbook like most folks read a novel , probly not for everyone. actually I do read a lot of cook books (! have about 200)

but I do recommend this one . There are  a small amount of recipes , most of the book is her outlook on “what is the right way to cook”



How it was discovered is best left unpondered except by radio scriptwriters and people who try to interest children in th Stone Age. It’s inevitable progress from a pot with a watery bone in it to a portage la Reine and Creme Vichysosse is for any one to read in forty thousand cookbooks, most of them bad.

One of the stupidest thing in an earnest but stupid school of culinary thought is that each of the three daily meals should be ” balanced”. ( This still goes on in big-magazine advertising, but there seems less and less insistence on it in real life: baby-doctors and even gynecologists admit that most human bodies choose their own satisfaction, dietetically and otherwise

I find it funny………, you can  find it at your library,………  or don’t waste any time on it  and go watch tv.


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